Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ikarian Longevity Stew from Blue Zone Solution

Recently, I read a book called Blue Zone Solution. This book is about going to many places in the world where many people live over 100. Then, they look at the similarities and try to implement the concept to some cities in the United States. What I like about it is that they know it is very difficult to leave it to individual choices especially in the United States where our life style is very different from those Blue Zones. In order to make it a successful project and outcome, they try to change the whole community so it is easier for individuals to make right and healthy choices.

Anyways, they have Okinawa (an island in Japan) as one of Blue Zone and it made me happy to see my country as one of healthy area but I think it is also completely different story when you look at Tokyo. The lifestyle has changed so much and people are busier and it is sometimes difficult to make right choices.

If you are interested in this book, here is the link for Amazon.

This book have many recipes from those Blue Zones and I tried a few of them. One of them which I tried was Longevity Stew from an island called Ikaria in Greece.

Here is the recipe from Blue Zone website. Click here for the recipe. 

This soup has many vegetables and it is easy to make. It has black-eyed peas and it is yummy and satisfying.

The book said you can freeze this so I made a big batch and froze half of it. It will be a great lunch or dinner when I don't have time to cook.

When you look at those people who live long life in those area, some of the similarity they have is they eat lots of vegetables, they move a lot, they have a close community and friends they can rely on and they have some type of religious believes.

My husband's grandmother is like 95 years old and she is very fit and strong. When I think of her, many things are similar to what the book said. She has a garden and she works on her garden everyday. She is constantly moving. She is eating a lot of vegetables from her own garden. Everyone in her village know her and she is always going to different parties and gatherings.

Eating healthy is not easy sometimes but I want to incorporate more vegetables into my cooking. I will still eat meat and fish but I will also have vegetable days few days a week or I will use some meat or fish but make a meal which include more vegetables in it than the meat and fish.

This soup is a great soup. I will be making this soup again. I used to hate beans and peas but lately I am forcing myself to eat more beans and I am starting to like it more and more. I am excited to find more beans and peas recipes in the future!

So NY is finally getting warm. Actually somedays are like summer already. I love summer so I am happy that it is warm but I have one complaint this spring.

It is the pollen! It seems like the pollen has been going crazy this year. I normally don't have it this bad but my eyes have been so itchy this year. I heard because it was a long winter and now everything is blossoming at the same time. Hopefully, it will go away quickly so I can enjoy this beautiful weather!

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