Friday, August 22, 2014

Greek salad

It am eating salad everyday for lunch. Even though I went out with my friends in Manhattan last night at Greek restaurant called AVERA and had greek salad, since I had ingredients for greek salad I made it for lunch and enjoyed it. 

Olive was little too salty for me. I should wash it out next time before I use it. 

Anyways, this is super simple salad but tasty and perfect for summer. 

Greek Salad 

Green salad leaves       a handful 
Cucumber                    1/4 cup (chopped) 
Mini Tomatoed            1/4 cup  (cut into half) 
Feta Cheese                  1/4 cup  (Crumbled) 
Olive                             1/4 cup 
White Balsamic Vinegar   1 Table Spoon 
Olive Oil                           2 Table Spoon 
Dried Oregano                  1/4 tea spoon 

The greek salad I had last night also had red onion in it. Since I didn't have red onion, I skipped it today but it is a great idea to add red onion stripes. 

The restaurant we went last night was very busy. I didn't know about this restaurant by my friend book it and it was delicious greek food. We had some appetizers such as grilled octopus, grilled Sardine, Greek Salad, Zucchini Chips. All were really good but my fav was grilled octopus. It was so tender and yummy!!! 

For main course, we shared branzino. It was really fresh and wonderful. 

We had so much fun together last night. I laughed so much that my cheeks were hurting afterwords. 

It is great to have friends like this whom I can laugh with. I am very thankful to have them in my life. We realized that we don't do this often enough. We decided to get together at least quarterly from now on. I am looking forward to our next quarterly meeting! 

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