Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Strawberry Cake for Christmas

We went to visit our friends in Manhattan on Christmas Eve and spent a night there. They said they are going to ake Turkey for the night so I wanted to bring some dessert.

In Japan, it is pretty popular to have a Strawberry cake like this one above for Birthday or Christmas and I love these simple cake with strawberry and whipped cream so I decided to bake it and bring it with us.

Well, the sponge cake didn't come out right. It was so flat and hard. I didn't know what to do.

I didn't have any energy and time to bake another one so I decided to bake another one. This time Black Forest Cake since I made this about a month ago with my friend from Germany. I baked it...... BUT this came out also flat and hard.

I brushed some apricot syrup to the sponge cake which I made first and decorated with whipped cream and strawberry. I looked beautiful. But I decided not to bring the cake to our friends because I know it will going to be hard inside and not very good.

Well, the Christmas with our friends were wonderful. We had such a wonderful time. Our son was so happy to be with everybody and his favorite is their puppy. He loves their puppy and he was playing with her the whole time we were there. He even woke up in the middle of the night and cried because he wanted to play with the puppy :-)

On Christmas day, we came back home and tried this cake which I left in the fridge. To my surprise, it tasted really good and the cake was moist and soft. I think leaving it with syrup and cream made the cake moist and soft. I regretted not bring it with me. Oh well. My husband enjoyed it so at least it didn't go waste.

It seems like when I try to make round cake like this, it often ended up flat. I was thinking maybe I will just use my mom's pound cake recipe to make these round cake.

I think my decoration skill is improved since I bought this turntable and decoration kit for cake decoration. It is all about practice and I hope I will be able to practice more this year. That means we will be eating more cake this year. Oh I miss my neighbors which I can give my cakes to every time I baked. I need to find a new neighbor whom I can share my baked products with. Otherwise, we will be gaining lots of weight this year...

By the way, NY is -15C (5F) today plus is is so windy. I head that it is dangerously cold to stay outside. I never had such a cold weather in my life! I went outside to fix something on the balcony and I couldn't stay even for 1 mins. My hands got so cold immediately and I couldn't stand it. It is nice and sunny but it is too cold and windy. I hope this weather will go away soon. I need warm weather!!!

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