Thursday, August 29, 2013

A trip to Germany

So, we just came back from a Germany trip. We went to see my in-laws and we had such a great time together. I was able to go have coffee and stuff all by myself. Even though I love spending time with my 2 year old son, It was quite nice to have some time alone without my baby.

My son had a wonderful time there with his grand parents. They play with him so nicely and patiently. I enjoyed watching them play with my son.

His German improved quite a lot. He has having a conversation with his grand parents in German! It is amazing how quick they learn. Their memory is so great that they remember some words just listening to it once.

We also spend some time with my son's great grand mother. She was soooo happy to see us. It was also fun to see her play with my son. In German, a word "grandmother" is "Oma" and my son calls his great grandmother "Oma Oma" which she liked a lot :-)

He even made some friends. The kids who were staying close by us for their vacation were really really nice to my son. They were 9 year old boys and they love playing soccer. They took our son and played with him so nicely. My son loved them also. It was so funny to see my son interact with them. He was really trying to act more grown up like them.

One cute thing which happened was when we went to have ice cream with those two boys. My son was sitting in between the boys and everyone was eating ice cream. My son was looking at one of the boy and he was so happy that he is eating ice cream with them. Once in a while, he would stroke the boy's face to show his affection. Then, I think he was overwhelmed with his affection to this boy, he kissed on his arm. It was cute but he had lots of ice cream around his mouth so the boy's clothe got all dirty. We cleaned it and everything was fine and we were laughing a lot. Great times!!

I ate a lot on this vacation but managed not to gain weight. Yahoo!

I learned some dishes from my mother-in-law so I will be making those sometime.

Also, I bought a Germany cooking magazine (though I can not read Germany) so I would like to try some of the dishes from this magazine also.