Monday, June 10, 2013

Ginger Fried Rice (Spice Market-like)

One of my favorite restaurant in NYC is the Spice Market. (Click here for the Spice Market website)
This is one of the restaurants which is owned by the famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. He is a french chef but this restaurant features South Asian flavors. I also love the interior of the restaurant. 

I love everything I tried here but one of my favorite is their "Ginger Fried Rice". Very simple dish but the best fried rice I ever had. If you are interested in how it looks, click here for the photo I took when I went to the restaurant

So the other day, I tried to make this my favorite ginger fried rice at home. A while back, I bought this book from Jean Georges Vongerichten just because I wanted to have the recipe for this ginger fried rice. I actually never made this so this was the first time using this book. 

I also added some lemon glass since I had them in my fridge. This is how it came out. 

Was my ginger fired rice as good as Jean-Georges?? Well, not really. It was not bad but it was not the same. I guess he is famous for a good reason. It is definitely better at the restaurant. You know, sometimes you eat something at a restaurant and think "Well, I think I can make this better." This dish is definitely not one of those dishes. 

You have to go there to enjoy this wonderful dish. If you ever have a chance to go to NYC, I recommend going to the Spice Market and trying this Ginger Fried Rice! 

The Spice Market is close to Chelsea Market which is another place I like in Manhattan. They have many different food stores and you can have a wonderful brownie from Fat Witch Bakery! 

So after I had my ginger fried rice, I crave the Spice Market's ginger fried rice even more!!!! 

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