Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lentil Soup

I've had lentil soup before and I made lentil soup once with one of those packaged lentil soup box. But since I don't really like beans and peas, I never really thought about making lentil soup.

What made me motivate to make lentil soup was my son. My son has been picky about eating vegetables lately. I want him to eat lots of vegetables but he only wants to eat carbs and meat. But I realized when I make soup with vegetables, he would eat vegetables. One time, I used packaged lentil soup mix and made lentil soup for him. He loved it. So I decided to make lentil soup from scratch hoping that my son would eat it.

Since I have never made lentil soup, I looked up recipes online and found a one which I liked. It is from All Recipe. If you are interested in the recipe, please click here to go to Allrecipes website. 

This is how it turned out!

Since my son doesn't want to eat big pieces of vegetable, I chopped the vegetable pretty small. It came out beautifully and tasted wonderful! Even I liked it!!!

I made a big portion so I can freeze some of them for later days. Of course I used my favorite Le Creuset pot for this!! This pot is perfect for making big portion of soup.

I am really happy with the result and my son and my husband liked it also. If I (who don't like beans and peas) liked it, I am sure everyone who love beans and peas love this soup!

Lentil soup is pretty filling and it feels healthy eating this soup. I am for sure making this soup again and again!!!!