Monday, March 18, 2013

Head on Shrimp Pasta and Special Pasta Fork

There is a Korean Supermarket about 15mins away from our new place by driving. I was checking their weekly circular the other day and saw head on shrimps are on sale.

A few days before this weekly circular, I saw a TV show on Cooking Channel called "Extra Virgin" and they were making a tomato sauce pasta with head-on prawns. It looked so good and as soon as I saw the sale on head-on shrimp, I knew that I was going to try this recipe. Click here to go to Cooking Channel website for the recipe I used.

The recipe called for Santa Barbara Spot Prawns but I think any kind of head on Shrimp or Prawn will do.

This was really good! Cooking shrimp with the shell and head makes the dish a lot more tasty. The only problem is that it is so messy to eat the shrimp when it has shells and head. So we ate the pasta first (well, the pasta had some shrimp meat with it) and ate those shrimps at the end.

On the day I made this pasta, a gift from my mother in law has arrived by postal mail. One of the gift was special pasta fork which she found in Germany. This is how it looks. See the picture below.

Isn't it look funny? When I saw this fork for the first time, I was like "This is a funny looking fork!"
Then, I talked to my mother in-law and she told me that this is a special fork for eating pasta. Then, I was like "Oh! now that make sense!"

And I really liked it when I used it. You know how sometimes it is difficult to get perfect portion of pasta on your fork? It is easier with this fork to portion the amount of pasta you take.

We also think this is perfect for our two year old son since he tend to take too much pasta on his fork and only 1/3 of it end up in his mouth.

I don't know if you can find these fork and spoon in the U.S. but it is great utensils to have if you love pasta and would like to look elegant when you eat :-)

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