Monday, March 11, 2013

Argentinian Empanadas

I have made Empanada a few time already with my friends from Latin America. We made the dough from scratch twice. One time it was flour dough(Click here for the post) , another time it was corn flour dough(Click here for that post).

And another time, we made them with already made dough disk. And this time, since I was making it for the first time by myself, I decided to use already made frozen dough disk.

I can find those frozen Empanada disk at my local supermarket frozen food section. There is this brand called "Goya" and that is what I bought.

I love those frozen disks because I am not good with making dough and especially bad at rolling them out.

Anyhow, I made Argentinian style Empanada which has green olives, boiled eggs and ground beef.

I think normally you would put the ingredients separately into the dough and close them but my friend mix them all together and it is much easier and faster and in my opinion it blends the flavor better that way so that is what I did.

I sauteed onion and browned ground beef in it then added chopped green olives and boiled eggs.

I used fork to help seal the empanada edge. Then before baking, brushed some egg to make it shiny when it is baked.

Baked in the oven for about 20mins.

I forgot to take a picture of inside. I am sure that I will be making this again so I will try to take picture of each process next time and post it here :-)

I bought two package of frozen disks and one package has 12 disks. I used all of them and froze half of them in the freezer. This way, I can just take them out whenever I want to eat empanadas and bake in the oven and have my empanada fix.

I think Empanada is also great for kids. The other day, I had this palydate at a place which is like an indoor play ground and we all decided to bring lunch and have it there. I didn't know what to bring and I didn't have anything to make sandwiches so I took these Empanadas out from the freeze and baked it and brought them as lunch. It was great since you don't need utensils and doesn't make too much mess.

I think this is also good for afternoon snack :-)

I love them. My husband love them and my son love them also (except the olive. He spit out olives...)

I also made two apple Empanadas since I ran out of beef mixture and still had two disks left. It was great also.

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