Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Its been a while...

Yes, It has been a while since I posted last time. A lot of things happened since then.
Because of the Hurricane Sandy which hit East Coast, our house was flooded and we lost lots of stuff...

I knew the Hurricane is supposed to be a big one but I never thought it will change our life like this.

Well, good thing is we are alive and healthy.

We can not go back to our house and who knows how long it will take to everything go back to normal.

It was heartbreaking to see our house and our city destroyed like that. I cried. I miss my city, my house and my neighbors and friends.

But life has to go on and we have to move forward. We found a new apartment and we are moving in very soon. It will be a bit away from where we used to live but it is not too far away so I can visit our friends sometimes.

It was a very difficult time for us but at the same time, we received so many support from our friends and family. Everybody is trying to help each other and it is heartwarming to see this.

So, that was why I hadn't updated my blog for a while.

Don't worry, after I moved to a new place and settled in a little bit, I will start cooking a lot and posting more pictures.

One thing I am so excited about is that I finally bought Le Creuset Dutch Oven!! It is Oval and 6.75qt.
(I know, I shouldn't be buying these things when I don't even have a place to live but it was such a great deal and I couldn't pass it. Plus, I wanted to have this for a long long time anyways so I guess it is a early Christmas gift for me!)

Anyways, I am looking forward to cooking more stuff with this Dutch Oven. I hope I can update my blog sometime soon with new dish I made :-)