Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tofu and Chicken Hamburg

There is this popular cookbook in Japan which is published by a company called Tanita. Tanita is a company who sell weight scale which can also measure your body fat. This scale from Tanita is very popular in Japan and I actually have one myself.

And this company has a cafeteria which offer healthy lunch for its employees since their goal as a company is to promote healthy life style and maintain healthy weight and body fat and they wanted to start promoting this starting with their own employees.

This cafeteria became popular and they decided to publish a cookbook to promote healthy food for the public and this cookbook became one of the best selling cookbook in Japan last year.

I was very curious about this book so when my sister came to visit me last year, I asked her to bring one copy for me.

To be honest, I haven't used this book at all till now. Partly because many of the ingredients are not easy to obtain from my local supermarket.

However I found one recipe which I can make from what I have and what I can get from regular supermarket so I decided to give it a try after more than a year of looking at this book.

The dish I tried is Tofu Hamburg. Hamburg is a very popular dish in Japan. It is with onion and ground beef normally but this one is with Tofu and ground chicken. It is also have this seaweed called Hijiki.

The sauce is with ginger and sugar and soy sauce and some other stuff. I think I measured sugar wrong since it was really sweet but it tasted good.

My husband and my son loved it. My son had it without any sauce but he loved it.

The rice is half white and half brown. I thought my son wouldn't like it but actually he didn't mind at all. Sometimes, we think that children don't like certain things but they might surprised you by liking it. So I decided to let my son try things even when I think he wouldn't like it.

Anyways. this is a great healthy meal and I am sure I will be making this again. Hijiki is not something which you can get from a regular American supermarket but this is dried seaweed so I buy them when I go to Japanese store and I keep them in my pantry. It is very healthy food and I like it.

I baked broccoli in the oven for the side dish. Lately, I am trying to eat more vegetables since I feel like I don't eat enough vegetables.

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