Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ellie Kreger's Autumn Vegetable Curry

So, I have been cooking from this Ellie Kreger's cookbook lately and this is another recipe from her. This is called Autumn Vegetable Curry. This has tons of vegetable in it and healthy yet tasty.

Well, it has some curry power and coconut milk. In the recipe, it required only 1 cup of light coconut milk but since I love coconut milk, I just used the whole can. (plus, it was not light) so I think mine is little bit richer than her original recipe.

Here is the link for her Autumn Vegetable Curry recipe. 

My husband and my son loved it and I was also very happy with it. I cook my son's separately and made it less spicy for him. I was not sure if he would like all these vegetables but since it is cooked well and soft, he didn't mind eating all these vegetables. He even liked chick peas!

I think this is a great way for you and your family to eat more vegetables. I think when I make something with curry, I and my husband always like it. We love curries!

I also made another dessert from her cookbook. This time, Peanut butter cookies!

This one has some whole wheat flour so they are little bit healthier than regular peanut butter cookies. We don't give much sweet to my son yet (also not yet peanut butter) so he didn't eat these but my husband loved them. For some reason, I didn't expect him to love it so much so I was a bit surprised.

When I was watching her show on FoodNetwork, I didn't find any recipes which I wanted to try so I am quite surprised to find so many recipes which I wanted to try and liked from her cookbook.

When I borrowed it from the library, I had no expectations but it sure was a great cookbook. I tried many new things from this book.

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