Monday, September 10, 2012

Perfect for Summer Time "Lemon Chicken"

This is something I made before I go on a trip but it was really delicious so I wanted to post it before I forget.

I used a recipe from one of the blog which I love. The blog is called "Simply Recipes" and this blog has so many amazing recipes and photos. I tried some of the recipe from this blog and everything tasted wonderful. If you are interested in the blog and this lemon chicken recipe, click here to go to "Simply Recipes". 

This is oven baked lemon chicken recipe. It was very juicy and tasty. This recipe uses skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs. I like using chicken thigh for my cooking because it is much cheaper than chicken breast and it normally comes out very juicy.

My husband loves lemon or lime so I tend to look for lemony recipe especially in summer. This was perfect chicken dish for summer. Using oven was a challenge for me (since it was very hot that day and I normally try not to have AC on) but it was worth.

My husband and my son loved it. This is something I would love to make over and over.

It was nice and sunny that day so we ate outside. I love eating outside. In summer if the weather is nice, we normally eat dinner outside.

However there is one problem. This summer there were so many mosquito around and I always got bitten at least 5 times during dinner. One time, I was outside for 5mins and I got 8 mosquito bites. I always get lots of mosquito bite but this summer was just out of control. I had mosquito repellent band on my both wrist and both ankles but those didn't work.

Maybe it is my blood type which attract mosquito but my husband doesn't get mosquito bite like I do.

My son get them sometimes but a few days ago, he got mosquito bite right on his eye lid and it got swollen so badly it made him look like a beaten up boxer. I felt so bad but it seemed like it was not bothering him too much. Thankfully, it went away after one day but it did not look good.

I would love for my son to play outside and I don't want to spray mosquito repellent on him but at the same time, I don't want him to get too many mosquito bite.... Oh well, let's hope it is not going to be bad next year.

Meanwhile, if you know any natural way to repel mosquito, let me know!

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