Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Germany and Croatia Trip

Hello! It has been a while since my last post. We had a family vacation and went to Germany and Croatia. Germany is where my husband is from so we went to visit his parents and his grandmother (my son's grandparents and great grandmother.) Croatia was where my friends had their wedding so we went there to attend the wedding.

There are not so many food pictures from this trip which I realized after I came back. We ate great food while we are on vacation but we are taking many pictures of our son and forgot to take food pictures.... But there are some so I would like to post them here.

First stop was in Germany to see my husband's grandmother (my son's great grandmother). She is 90 years old and very strong and eats well and drink well. She used to own a restaurant so she is a great cook.

She loves my son and was very happy to see him. She played soccer with my son in her garden. My son loved her garden. He ate grapes and tomatoes from her garden and picked some flowers and run around.

And this is oma's famous Schnitzel. She makes this dish for us every time we are there because we love oma's Schnitzel so much. It always accompanied by pan roasted potatoes.

We also had some tomatoes from her garden. Sweet and delicious!

Also, she made something called "Dumpf Noodle"(I am not sure about the spelling). This is Pan fried bread with sweet vanilla sauce dip. My husband loves this dish. I also love the combination of somewhat salty bread with sweet vanilla sauce.

We met up with my husband's cousin and his wife for dinner also. We went to this Italian restaurant which we always go when we visit them. This is my favorite Italian restaurant in Germany!

First, we had some appetizer. My favorite is grilled octopus!

My dish was scampi curry cream sauce pasta. I think this curry cream sauce is quite popular in Germany. I see them often in many restaurants. I love it!

My husband ordered rolled lasagna. I love the idea. It was also really good.

After having great days with Oma and relatives, we flew to Croatia to attend my friends wedding.
Both of us had never been to Croatia before. It is always exciting to visit a new country.

First, we were going to pick up a rental car at the airport but the car was not ready so we had to wait for a few hours at the airport. Finally, the car was ready and we start driving then realized that we didn't have the navigation system which we ordered so we went back to the airport and got the navigation system.

When we went back there, we met two other friends who are also attending the wedding. It was funny to see them there. They were also renting a car and trying to get to their hotel. We talked a bit and off we went to hit the road.

The problem was that the navigation system kept telling lie to us. It took us to completely different place first. We reset the navigation system and tried again. Seemed like it was working this time. To get to where we were staying, it took us about two hours and the navigation system took us to a mountain road. Our son got sick and threw up in the car. We changed him and clean and rest a little bit but we still had to drive a bit more. I felt bad for my son and fortunately he went to sleep after that.

We stayed in a town called Gradac. It was a touristic town by the beach. Everyone was walking along the beach at night having fun. It was very nice small town.

The wedding was great. I stay up till 4:00am and partied. It has been a while since I partied.

In Croatia, we had some meat and seafood. Our favorite was Cevapcici. It is finger size grilled ground meat with some spices. It was so good that we ate this almost every day while we were there. Unfortunately I didn't take picture of this dish....

We stayed in a hotel called "Marco Polo". It was a nice small hotel and we had a dinner at this restaurant last night of our stay.

For appetizer, we had tomato risotto and squid ink risotto. I loved squid ink risotto.

For main course, I had a fish plate. It was more like for two people but the fish were fresh and tasted really good. Also the shrimp was sweet and excellent!!

My husband had something like shrimp rolled fish with Champaign cream sauce. It was good but the Champaign sauce was quite strong. If it was strong for me, I can not imagine how it felt for my husband since he doesn't drink :-)

Anyway, the dinner was great and the service was also great. My son played with some stones in a flower pot.

After Croatia, we went to visit my husband's parents for about 10 days.  They were so happy to see us and their grandson. It was very nice to see how they play with my son and how they talk to him.

We met up with some friends also and had a great time. The weather was great and we enjoy our stay there.

The night before we left, my uncle and aunt came to Germany from Japan to attend a tour of Germany. It was perfect timing because we were still there. So we met up with them for dinner.

My husband's parents have met them in Japan also so they knew each other.

It was just for a few hours but it was great to see them in Germany. They also love my son and played nicely with him. It is like my son have three sets of grandparents. He is a lucky guy :-)

Oh, this is what my mother in law made for us. It is with raspberry, blueberry and blackberry with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. This is easy but taste so good! I learned how to make it so I will post the recipe when I make it. Like always, my mother in law is great at presentation. Look how beautiful this dish is!!

So, now we are back to NY settling down again. I missed NY and my neighbor and friends. Everybody was so happy to see us back. It was very nice. So, I am going to start cooking again. Looking forward to try some new things which I learned in Germany :-)

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