Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tostones with chicken & Tres Leche Cake

About a month ago, we had another cooking playdate. This time, I asked one of the moms who is from Columbia to make this tostones with chicken which she made once and brought them to us last Thanksgiving. I loved it and I always wanted to learn how she made it :-)

As you might remember from the post in 2009, I took a Cuban cooking class once with my husband and learned how to make Tostones. (Click here for that post of Cuban cooking class)

Tostones is double fried plantain. My husband and I love them so after we took the class, we invited our landlord and made those things we learned in the class for them. (Click here for that post)

So we know how to make Tostones. But last Thanksgiving, my friend brought this Tostones with chicken on it and it was amazing. This is the Tostones with chicken.

First, we peeled Plantain and cut them into pieces.

Then we fry plantains.

Once they are cooked, take them out and let it cool a little bit then smash them to make them flat. My friend had a special tool for this so it was easy to do this job. Last time when my husband and I made this at home, we used meat pounder...

Then, we soak plantain in garlic salt water for a second. Then fry them again.

Meanwhile, cut onions and cook them.

Toss tomato sauce in.

Then add shredded cooked chicken. My friend told me she normally cook the chicken herself but I was too lazy so I bought a whole roasted chicken and shredded. Of corse I used skin and bones to make homemade chicken broth. (Click here for how to make homemade chicken stock)

On fried Tostones, place some chicken mixture and cover with cheese. We used parmesan cheese and Mozzarella cheese. Then throw them in the oven for about 10mins until the cheese melt. (Well, the below picture doesn't have cheese because I forgot to take pic with the cheese before I put in the oven. )

This is how it came out. Yummy!!!!

All the moms loved it including me. This is great dish to bring for potluck or as an appetizer when you have a party. It is quite a work but it definitely worth the effort.

For dessert, one of the moms brought Tres Leche Cake. This was also so good! She learned how to make this from her relatives in Venezuela. I have never had this before but it was so good!
It is especially good when you drizzle lots of these milky syrup on the cake. It is moist and Yummy!!!

I need this make this myself also! There are so many thing I would love to try making!

Once again, our cooking playdate was a great success!!! I love having these Yummy Playdates!!!

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