Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Venezuelan Empanadas Playdate

So we made Chilean Empanadas the other day and this time we decided to try Venezuelan Empanadas.

One of the moms got recipe from her family. Last time, we used flour and we baked the empanadas in the oven. This time, we used corn meal and fried these empanadas.

This is how it came out!!

Don't they look good? It came out great and it tasted good!

For fillings, we used ground turkey, bell peppers and onions.

First, we made fillings.

While the filling cool down, we made the dough.

Mix corn flour and lukewarm water until desired consistency.

When it is good consistency, you make balls like this.

Then, you roll the dough out with your fingers. If you have a plastic sheet underneath, it is very useful for rolling. Add the filling in the middle.

Bring the plastic sheet over and put the edge together.

Then, using a small bowl, cut the edge to make empanada shape.

This is how it should look.
 Then, fry in a vegetable oil until crispy.

It is quite a process but when you make something with your hands, somehow it gives me a great accomplished feeling. I would love to make this again but it might be a bit difficult to make it by myself especially when I have my baby around.

I love learning how to make new dish from friends! Look at this picture below. Do you see the one which is enormous? That was the one I made in the very beginning. It was a monster empanada. I gave this one to my husband. He loved it :-)

We used hot sauce and it was quite good. I should have made some cilantro sauce but I forgot. Oh well, next time.

Everybody was very happy with the result and since we made a lot, everyone brought some home to their husbands :-)

Well, it was so much fun to cook and play with them. I love cooking playdate!

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