Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sushi Play Date

The other day, I had Chilean Empanada play date with my mom friends and this time we had sushi play date with same member!

Since it is Sushi this time, I was the teacher :-)

This is how they came out.

Since it is not too easy to get sushi grade fresh fish around here, we used ingredients such as avocado, smoked salmon, cucumber, canned tuna, imitation crabs, eggs and so on.

Everybody enjoyed making sushi and I was very happy also. I think tuna salad roll was everybody's favorite.

It is not easy to watch 4 babies and cook at the same time but we also have 4 moms so some of them cooked while others watched the kids.

We rolled and ate and repeat that many times and by the time we finished rolling all the sushi, we were so full. We had lots of leftovers so everyone brought back some for their husbands.

One of them had a tool called sushi master so we used that also to make some heart shaped sushi. Aren't they cute??

This play date was actually a few weeks ago. Since then, we already had two other cooking/play date!
The next one is Venezuelan Empanada and then we made pineapple upside cake on different day. Those photos are coming up next!

I love cooking/play date! I am so happy that I found some friends whom I can enjoy cooking with!


  1. Wow Mausi , the Sushi looks awesome. That means you are a great teacher.I'm glad you are having fun with your cooking/play date. In fact that does sound like a fantastic idea.

  2. Thanks Dolly!
    I am not sure if I am a great teacher but we sure had a good time. Cooking/Play date is great. I love it. Kids get to play with other kids and I get to cook with my friends :-)