Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tyler Florence's Pasta Carbonara

One of my favorite past is pasta carbonara. I think this dish is very difficult to master and even at restaurant, it is difficult to find one which is completely satisfactory.

I might mentioned this before but my favorite carbonara is from this restaurant in Palo Alto CA called "Osteria". The carbonara I had from this restaurant is by far the best carbonara I had in my life.

Palo Alto is famous for Stanford University and it is very expensive but nice area. I used to live in a surrounding city so I used to go out to downtown Palo Alto all the time.

This restaurant "Osteria" was introduced to my by an Indian lady whom I used to live with. She is a great cook and she has very good taste.

Every time I go back to Bay Area, I visit this restaurant and have Carbonara. I don't know what about this carbonara but I love it and I don't think I can ever make this on my own. So I have to go to California to eat this dish.

Anyway, even though I can not make "Osteria"'s carbonara, I wanted to make Carbonara at home. This time, I used Tyler Florence's recipe. I like many of his recipes.

If you are intersted in making Tyler Florence's Pasta Carbonara, click here for his recipe.

This time, it came out pretty good. Sometimes, I mess up when I add eggs and it becomes scramble eggs but it worked this time and it was very creamy carbonara as it should be.

It is very creamy but there is no cream in it. It has some Panchetta pieces. I love it!!!

This is a pasta dish which I will keep making and someday would like to perfect it!

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