Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shrimp Risotto

One of my favorite dish is Risotto. It is not difficult to make and love the richness and creaminess. Plus, I love rice so I like any dish with rice in it.

Anyway, I made this shrimp risotto using ingredients I have at home. Well, I ended up asking my husband to get more Arborio rice since I realized that I didn't have enough after I start making the risotto. I had some cooked shrimp in my freezer so this is shrimp risotto.

It is super simple and easy but was very tasty.

First, I chopped onion and sautéed in a pot with olive oil, then I added rice and sautéed also. Then I add some white wine. Then I start adding warmed chicken stock one ladle at a time and keep stirring.  I keep doing this for about 20mins or so until rice is tender but a bit hard in the middle. Then, add parmesan cheese and butter!

I recommend adding lots of cheese!

I heard in the restaurant, they make risotto half way through and leave it. Then when they get order, they finish cooking them so it doesn't take so long to serve it. It is interesting to know all these restaurant tricks. I would love to experience restaurant kitchen sometime. I wish I know someone who own a restaurant so I can ask them to have me experience it for one day in their kitchen. I am just curious how it works :-)

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