Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oven Baked Salmon with Fennel and Capers

This is a dish I learned from my mother-in-law. This is so simple and healthy but very tasty dish and also healthy.

It is super easy to make. First, you cut fennel and add them into a casserole with lemon and olive oil then bake in the oven until they are tender. (This time, I already had steamed fennel which I made for my baby for I used half of that so I skipped this step)

Then, you add salmon filet and capers and chopped parsley and more lemon juice and olive oil then bake more until salmon is cooked. Here, I also added chopped tomato since I had one tomato which I needed to use. This was great idea!! I set the oven about 400 degree and baked it for about 15mins.

This was super good and my husband loved it also. We had mushed potato for the side dish. Actually, this mushed potato was initially made for my baby but I took some out for us and added heavy cream, butter and salt, pepper for ours. I used Yukon Gold Potatoes. I love this potato. It is more yellow than other potatoes and it reminds me of the potatoes which I had in Germany.

Anyway, this is a great dish for busy night. I would definitely repeat this dish again. Also, I loved adding tomato so it is more colorful!


  1. Hi Priti,
    Thank you for your comment! Yes, those were very nice combination!