Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peruvian Food with my sister

While my sister was visiting us, we ate many things together but one of them was Peruvian food. I like Peruvian food so I took her to a Peruvian restaurant near by. She never had Peruvian food before but seems like she liked it also.

I think the most famous Peruvian food is roasted chicken. I like their roasted chicken but I also like what they call "Jalea" which is fried seafood with tangy salsa on top.

This is the roasted chicken we ordered.

And this is Jalea.

Shrimp, White fish, Calamari and mussels are fried and tangy onion and tomato salsa is on top. Normally, it is not easy to eat lots of fried food but with this tangy salsa, you can not stop eating it.
If you like fried seafood, I am sure you will like this.

Also, we went to have Buffalo wings on other day. We ordered mild but it was quite spicy. Blue cheese dressing is the best part of these wings! It also came with cornbread. I like cornbread!

We also made strawberry sponge cake since my sister's birthday was near. I will post is next time.

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