Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sister's Visit (The View Restaurant & Mexican Lasagna)

In September, my sister came to visit us for a little bit. It was less than a week since she couldn't take longer vacation days but we had a great time and I am so thankful that she spend her time and money to come see us despite long flight from Japan (about 15hours!!! )

I wish she could stay longer but she is working in Japan and as you might heard it somewhere, Japanese people work too much without taking many vacations.

Anyway, it was nice to see her twice this year! She came to visit a few months after my son was born and this time. My son is growing up so fast so it was really really nice that she got to see him and experience his growth at third months and 7th months.

My sister like Ballet so we went to see NYC Ballet "Swan Lake" in Manhattan. It was great. We also had dinner at the View restaurant at Marriott Hotel in Times Square. This restaurant is on top of the hotel and has 360 degree view. The floor slowing rotate and you can enjoy the 360 view while you eat. The food was OK... but I guess you pay the price for the view. It is vert touristic place but it might be a good place if you have out of town visitors.

I also made something for her. I made "Mexican Lasagna" from Eva Longria's cookbook.
This tasted good but I used very watery salsa so it was too moist and bit watery. Next time, I should use thicker salsa but it was very easy and fun dish.

This is the book I used.

By the way, my husband and I start watching "Desparate Housewives" on NetFlix streaming. (I know you are thinking "Why now??" Well, I don't know why but one day we watched the first episode and we are kind of hooked now) 

Anyway, it is quite funny show and I like all the different characters in the show. Eva Longoria's character is Gaby and I like this character. She is very funny. But my favorite character is Lynett. I am always amazed that people can come up with all these character and stories. Anyway, we are still at Season 3 and it seems like there are 8 seasons so we have a long way to go. Do you have any favorite character in this show?

Well, there are more stuff which I ate with my sister, I will update them next time! Hope you are having a great week :-) 

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