Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Fruit Scone and my Fiesta Salad and about E-books

I take my son to a class called Mother Goose once a week at the local library. This is a great program for little kids where they can sing, dance, play with some toys and read books.

I made some friends from this class and the other day, I made scone with one of the friend whom I made there. I love cooking or baking with my friends so it was really nice to do this. I definitely would love to do this again.

Anyway, we made scones from Jamie Oliver's book. This is the book I used.

This is what came out. 

It tasted good but I think I mixed them too much. It got hard and was not soft scone which I expected. This is totally my fault because in the book, it specifically said not to mix it too much. The photo in the book looked a lot higher and better. I guess I need more practice on this one. 

Maybe I mentioned this before but I heard that people in England use clotted cream when they eat scones. I had this cream at the Plaza hotel when we had afternoon tea and loved it. I have been trying to find one here in NY but no luck. So we had this scone with some jam and whipped cream. 

Now, I would like to show you a salad I made. 

First of all, I found this strip of tortilla chips at a supermarket. 

Ever since I got this, I wanted to make this Mexican inspired salad. 
This is what I call "Fiesta Salad"

This has salad leaves, avocado, corn, boiled egg and tortilla toppings. This will be great with cilantro dressing from Trader Joe's but unfortunately, I didn't have it so I just made up some dressing with Dijon mustard. It was really good! I mixed Dijon Mustard, white vinegar, water, Olive oil, salt, pepper, grated garlic and lemon. My husband loved this salad also. If you want to make it heavier dish, you can add some grilled chicken. 

I love this tortilla topping! It is colorful and crunchy and taste great! 

By the way, do you read books in paper or digital? I read them in paper since I like the feel of paper book. But I was thinking the other day about how easy will it be to get Japanese book for me if I have device such as kindle or ipad. 

Since I love reading Japanese books, sometimes I ask my family to send some to me but the shipping is pretty expensive so if I can but digital book from here, it will be much much cheaper. 

So I researched some to see if such a thing is possible. To my disappointment, it seems like digital books are not popular at all in Japan. I was so surprised but it is true. Here it is so popular that now even libraries lend out e-books. 

I really really hope that it will catch up in Japan also so I can buy some Japanese books from here. 

Then, I have to buy Kindle or ipad or some sort. ipad is kind of expensive but it sure looks cool but if Kindle fire is same as ipad technically, I think I would go with Kindle fire. Well, I need to do more research since I am not sure if Kindle Fire can do same things which ipad can. 

Well, anyway, I have to wait till Japanese people start reading more e-books. I guess it will take a while. Maybe a few years? Who knows. I hope the day will come very soon :-) 

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