Monday, September 26, 2011

Trip to Germany

Again, it has been a while since my last update but I was in Germany for about three weeks with my husband and my son. Since my husband is from Germany, we went to visit our parents, grandma, cousins and friends. Also, my parents came to visit Germany from Japan! so it was a big reunion and we had such a great time.

We went to many places this time since it was my parents first time visiting Germany.
Last year, my husband's parents visit Japan. We also wanted to be there while they are there but since I was pregnant, we decided not to go to Japan that time so my parents took them around for sightseeing and stuff. I was little bit worried about it but they had a great time!

So, this year was my parents turn to visit. I was so happy to be there with them. Also it was nice that both of our parents got to see our son again.

We ate a lot during the stay but I don't have much picture of food this time....

While we were in Germany, it was really hot in the first week but after that, it was perfect temperature and weather.

But while we were there, East Coast had an earthquake and hurricane. We were worried if everything is OK at home but now we are back and relieved to see everything is OK.

So, my parents had a great sightseeing. My in-laws planned great trip for them. I was able to go places with them to translate some stuff so I was very happy.

We went to a few castles around Munich area. Neuschwanstein is one of the most famous castle in the world. I think many people know this castle since it was a inspiration for the castle at Disneyland.
Anyhow, I took a great picture of the castle. The weather was perfect and it looks beautiful.

This is one of the castle which Ludwig 2 built. He is a very famous king in Bavaria and everybody loves him. It seems like he was a bit eccentric but he sure had an eye for beautiful things. After hearing some stories about him, I thought that maybe it will be interesting to read a book about him or to watch a movie about him.

Well, this another castle is also built by him. This one has lots of flowers and also very beautiful.

This one is a roof of Church or Cloister which I don't quite remember where but it sure is beautiful. I guess this is how people imagine heaven.

We also went to Salzburg. We saw a castle here and also went to a great restaurant, visit the house of Mozart and had a wonderful cake.

The restaurant we went was a beautiful restaurant.

I had a wienerschnitzel.

Also, one of the thing I was looking forward in Salzburg was cakes from Demel. It is very elegant cafe and their cakes are amazing.

The waitresses are also looking good. You can not see it from this picture but they have a quite large slit on their skirt if you see them from up front!

It is difficult to pick one since they all look so good!

I picked this rich chocolate cake.

And my mom had this one.

Both of them were so good but personally, I liked the one my mom had better.

At home, my mother-in-law made wonderful dinners every night. We also went to beer garden a few times. I love beer garden. It is wonderful.

This is when we had an bavarian dinner at home one night.

We also went to see my husband grandmother who is my son's great-grand mother. She lives in wine area of Germany.

 It was really nice to see her and my son together. She was so happy to she him. Also, it was very nice to see my husband's cousins  they all love love son. My son is a very lucky boy. He is loved by so many people.

This is a plum cake. We had this with some whipped cream. This cake is not too sweet but taste good!

It was busy but wonderful 3 weeks. It was so nice to see happy faces of both of our parents when they see our son. It makes me happy to see them so happy :-)

NY is getting cooler now and it is time to cook again. I am looking forward to cook more.

Oh, when I was in Germany, one of our friend gave me this wonderful book about taking picture of food. The author is actually one of the blog which I love and read sometimes but I didn't know she had a book about taking photos. This is great since I would love to learn more about taking great pictures of food. I am excited to learn more about it from this book.