Monday, June 20, 2011

"Grounds For Sculpture" and brunch in Brooklyn

On Memorial day weekend, we went to New Jersey and Brooklyn and had a wonderful time.

First, we went to this place called "Ground for Sculpture" in New Jersey. This is a big property with lots of green and sculptures throughout the property. There are many sculptures which are funny. It was quite a drive from where we live and it was such a hot day but we really enjoyed this day.

This one photo has our son in the sculpture. He is being part of the art :-)

On the way back, we stopped by at a Japanese supermarket called "Mitsuwa" and had a ramen noodle for dinner and purchased many Japanese grocery! I love Japanese supermarket.

Next day, we went to Brooklyn to meet up with one of our friend and have brunch with him.

He lives in Williamsburg which is a great place for stroll because there are many cute restaurants and shops. He took us to this restaurant called "Rabbit Hole". Since it was bit early, we were able to get a nice table for all of us including our baby with stroller!

I had salmon omelet with homemade herbed biscuit.

Homemade biscuit was good! I would love to make biscuit at home sometimes!

My husband had egg's benedict. The egg was perfectly cooked. Soft and runny inside!

Our friend had French toast with berries. This also looked good!

After brunch, we went to a flea market which was happening close by. There are many cute venders but what I liked most was all the food venders! There are lots of them which looked really good. Since I just had a branch, I didn't eat anything but next time I would love to go there to eat from all these venders at the flea market!

One of these venders had Horchata which is my husband's favorite drink! We bought two of them and enjoyed chilled sweet horchata. (For those of you who are not familiar with Horchata, it is a Mexican drink which made from rice, cinnamon and sugar and taste wonderful ) I promised myself to try making horchata at home this summer.

At the flea market, I found a really cute jewelry vender called "Birdhouse Jewelry". All of the jewelries are so cute and price were reasonable. It was very difficult to pick one but I bought this one necklace. Isn't this so summery and adorable? I love it!

I checked their website and it seems like they also sell some of their stuff online so if you are interested, here is their website address.

Williamsburg is such a cool place to hang out. There are many young people and it was different from places we normally hang out. I think there are so many interesting things where there are many young people. I think I should explore more of those hip places even though I am not that young and hip. It is good to see many different things and experience different atmosphere.

Anyway, summer is finally here in NY. I am so excited to spend this summer with my husband and our new baby. We are planning to have BBQ soon. Our baby's first BBQ party!

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