Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter and Golden Week

We had some more visitors to our place during Easter holiday and Golden Week (Japan's holiday in May).
First, we had our friends who live in South Africa came to visit us with their son (about 2 years old). This is their first visit after we had our son so we were super excited to introduce him to them. Especially, I was curious about how their son react to our son.

Their son loved our son! He was very curious about our baby and wanted to see him and touch him. He was very nice to our son. When he hears our son crying, he would say "Baby, Crying" and he makes surprised face. He is so cute. I wish we live close by so their son will be our son's big brother and he can teach lots of things to our son :-)

Anyhow, as I have wrote here before, the father of this boy is a great cook and he always cook something great for us every time they visit us. (I know, they are visiting us so we should be making something for them but we just love his cooking so we have to have something from his cooking when we see them)

This time, he made chicken enchilada with mexican rice and beans. He showed me how to make this in a very easy way using store bought roasted chicken and enchilada sauce and stuff. It was really really good!

It is a great idea to use already made roasted chicken. This was great dish which we can make with quite a short time and effort but still taste excellent!

He also made some beans and rice and salsa. Since I don't like beans, I didn't eat beans but looks pretty good.

We also had visitors from Germany. My husband's best friend and his girlfriend were here for a few days. It was very nice that they got to see our son in person also. They loved playing with our son. They were so good with him!

Since it was Easter when they were all here, I made egg's benedict for everybody. This is something I make every Easter and my husband absolutely love this dish. I always think that I should make this more often since my husband gets so excited about this dish but I always forget about making this dish. So normally, we have this once a year on Easter weekend.

After Easter holidays, we had my sister visiting from Japan because Japan had a holiday on the first week of May called " Golden Week". My sister was not sure until last minute if she should come visit or not since she can only stay for 5 days and the fights were super expensive. However, if she miss this chance, she wasn't sure when she can come visit us next time and she really wanted to meet her nephew so she decided to come.

It was such a short visit but we had a great time and I was so happy that our son and my sister got to meet and spend some time. I am so thankful that she spend so much money and made an effort to come here and meet him. I have a wonderful sister! I love spending time with my sister.

When she was here, I made the chicken enchilada which my friend made for us during the Easter Holiday. It came out pretty good. It was not as good as his chicken enchilada but I think I replicate it pretty well and it was quite easy to make!

This is the one I made.

Mine didn't have enough cheese and sauce. I will try to have more cheese and sauce next time. But everybody loved it. I know I will be making this more often because it is easy but tasty!

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  1. Love what you have here. I tried it and it was really great!