Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bake Sale to help Japan's disaster

My husband company had a bake sale for Japan the other day. It seems like all over the world is trying to help Japan to get back to its normal state. It will take lots of time, money and effort but I know we can do this! I am very moved by all the support and help. As a Japanese, I would like to thank you for everyone who is trying to help Japan. Thank you!

Anyway, I also wanted to bake something for this bake sale. Though it is quite difficult to bake something with a crying baby. I had to stop the process many times to take care of my son but I was able to bake cup cakes!

Since this is to help Japan, my husband had this idea of decorating cupcakes as Japanese flags. Here is how it came out.

We also made small flags with toothpick and paper. It came out pretty good.

For the cup cake, I used the cup cake recipe from Mognolia bakery. It was quite sweet but tasted really good.

My husband told me that the bake sale was a success and they raised lots of money for Japan. I was very happy to hear that. I hope they can get back to their normal like as soon as possible.

Well, it had been a while since I baked something last time but I realized that it is quite fun! I think I am getting used to taking care of my baby so I would like to start cooking and baking again.

My baby is growing up so fast. He is more awake during the day. He smiles a lot more and he even try to talk sometimes. It is such a joy to see his growth everyday. I am very lucky to have him. Since he is growing up, he needs more attention from me. He gets board when I leave him alone and he calls me to play with him.

Anyway, I had lots of visitors this past months and had a great time with them. I made some dishes while they are here. So I will update sometimes.

Have a great day!

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