Thursday, March 3, 2011

A precious Baby!

Some people might had been wondering what happened to me since I had not updated my blog for about two weeks.

Well, I just had a baby boy about two weeks ago! In the U.S., you stay in the hospital about two days after the delivery so I came home after two days and my husband and I had been busy ever since.

First week was really tough because my body was still recovering and I had pain everywhere in my body. It is getting much better now though.

We are learning a lot everyday and it is absolutely wonderful to have a baby in my arms.

It was not an easy road for me to get to this point and finally hold my baby in my arms so I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Waking up and feeding him every three hours is tough but I am so happy to have this baby!

So I haven't been cooking at all. I hope I will get back to the rhythm and get back to cooking sometime soon and start blogging again.

Thank you for checking my blog even though I hadn't updated for a while. I will come back and update again when I am ready to cook again. Meanwhile, the post might be not as frequent as it used to be but please keep on checking!

I just wanted to let you know this happy news with you and also wanted to explain why I hadn't been posting lately.

It is quite a joy to look at your baby. I can look at him for hours and never get tired of it :-) I guess every parents feel the same way.

Anyway, hope everybody is doing good. Thank you for coming to check out my blog every day! I hope I can start cooking and updating my blog sometime soon!