Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet & Sour Pork

I had a ripe pineapple at home and I wanted to use it for some cooking. I used to not like having fruit in salty food but lately I like some of them. One of the salty dish I think about when I think about pineapple is "Sweet & Sour Pork". I have never made this at home but after looking at some recipes on the Internet, I figured that it shouldn't be too difficult to make. So I gave it a try.

Sweet & Sour Pork

Pork   about 1lb
Onion       1 and 1/2 (medium size)
Carrots     2~3
Bell Pepper  1
Pineapple     about 1/2 cup
Garlic          2 cloves
Corn Starch   2 table spoons
Vegetable Oil    3 table spoons

*sweet & sour sauce
Vinegar          3 table spoons
Soy Sauce      1table spoons
Sugar              3 table spoons
Sake               2 table spoons
Chicken Stock  about 2/3 cup
Ketchup          3 table spoons

+ Marinade for pork
Sake              2 table spoons
Soy Sauce     1 table spoon
Salt & Pepper   a pinch

1, First of all, cut all the vegetables/Pineapple and pork into bite size pieces. Chop garlic.

2, Marinade pork with the +marinade sauce. (I marinade it for about two hours but if you don't have time, you can just marinade them for about 30mins or so)

3, Mix all the ingredients for sweet and sour sauce in a bowl and set aside.

4,  Add corn starch in the the marinated pork from 2 and coat the pork with corn starch.

5, Add vegetable oil into frying pan and fry the pork with chopped garlic.

6, When the pork is cooked and crispy, add carrots. (Actually, I would take the pork out at this point if I make this again and add the pork again at the end so the pork stays crispy)

7, When carrots gets little soft, add onions.

8, When onions are cooked, add bell peppers.

9, Then, add pineapples.

10, Add the sweet & sour sauce which you mixed in step 3.

11, Bring to boil and when it started to thicken, turn the heat off.

12, Serve with rice.

I was surprised how good it was considering that I made this for the first time. I didn't know that you can make sweet & sour pork.

One thing I will change next time is that I will take the pork out before adding the vegetables and add back the pork at the very end. This way, the pork will stay crispy and will be better.

Since my husband liked this also, I will definitely making this dish again sometimes.

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