Monday, February 14, 2011

Makizushi (Sushi rolls)

I made sushi roll the other day and it ended up disastrous. I have made sushi roll before but that ones were the worst looking sushi rolls I ever made. I had no idea why but it looked really bad so I couldn't even take photos of them. 

Well, I know that I can make it better so I had to try it again. I think that one of the reason why it looked so bad was that I was trying to make inside out rolls. This time, I decided to make only seaweed outside roll which is much easier to roll. 

Here is the result! 

It looks pretty good isn't it? The inside of sushi is just imitation crab, egg, cucumber and mayonnaise. I should have made variety of sushi but I didn't have many ingredients for it so it was just those ingredients this time. It tasted great and it looks pretty. 

Yes, seaweed outside is much much easier to roll. I guess I need more practice for inside out style sushi. 

My husband also tried to roll. He even tried to make inside out sushi. Well, as I said inside out sushi is difficult to roll so it didn't come out quite pretty but his seaweed outside roll came out pretty good. 

This was a great dinner and I felt much better since I was able to make it prettier this time. Next time, I will try different ingredients. 

My tip for making sushi roll is not to add too much rice and also leave the edge of seaweed empty for about 1/2 inch. And practice makes perfect! 

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  1. Awesome! This look very good, restaurant perfect infact!