Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Afternoon Tea at The Plaza Hotel

It seems like we are expecting another snow days here in NY. Well, it is more like sleet where I live. On a cold days like these, how about having elegant afternoon tea?

My husband and I went to have a nice afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. I always wanted to go have afternoon tea but never really had a chance. Afternoon tea seems quite expensive everywhere so we decided that if we are having afternoon tea, we might as well have it in a nice fancy hotel in Manhattan.

Here is the website for the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Click here to go to their website. (There will be sound, so be careful)

Afternoon tea is at a place called "The Palm Court". It is right at where you go in. It had a beautiful stained glass ceiling like this.

Don't you think this ceiling is gorgeous? It will be nice to have a court like this at home. (Well, you have to live in a mansion to have this kind of court in the house :-) )

The atmosphere was very much like elegant and everybody was enjoying their afternoon tea. Everyone dressed up quite nicely and looked very rich. I felt a bit out of place but I enjoyed this elegant atmosphere.

The afternoon tea set was something like this.

It has some finger sandwiches at the bottom and scones in the middle and some sweets on top.

In my opinion, sandwiches were too small. They were really good. I wanted eat in a bigger portion but I guess these mini sandwiches are what makes afternoon tea, an afternoon tea.

I would have preferred to have more sandwiches and less sweets.

But the best part was the scones. These scones were warm and flaky and the best scones I have ever eaten. (Well, I haven't eaten that many scones in my life but it was the best one so far!)
The scone comes with this clotted cream which I loved. I need to find out where I can get this clotted cream. Also, it came with some raspberry jam and lemon curd. Oh, it was so good! I would love to make this kind of scone at home.

Well, we really had a great time. This is something which we don't do in normal basis but I think it is great to have this kind of experience once in a while. It seems like the time moves slowly while you are enjoying afternoon tea. Since I always wanted to experience these kind of afternoon tea, I was very satisfied and happy!

On the way back to the car, we found this Belgium Waffle Truck which I have been trying to find since this summer. I love Belgium Waffle and I wanted to try this one for a while but we always missed the truck somehow. So even though I was pretty full from the afternoon tea, I had to get one and bring it home for later.

Here is the link for this Belgium Waffle Truck. Click here for their site.

I like those thick and heavy Belgium waffle called "liege waffle'. I bough one plain and took it home.

Next day, I heat up the waffle with the toaster and it was really delicious! I love them.

I was so happy to experience two of my food wishes on the list. It was a great weekend.

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