Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friends visits from South Africa and Delicious Huevos Rancheros

Very good friends (a couple and their son) came to visit us for about a week. Last time we saw each other was April 2010 so it had been a while. My husband and I were so thankful that they came over to see us. (Click here for their last visits post)

Their son is now 1 year and half and he is developing quickly. Now he can understand what we are telling him and he can talk and do all kinds of stuff. He is so smart and cute. He smiles all the time and I already miss his smiles...

Anyway, the husband of the couple is very good at cooking. One of the things he made last time and my husband and I wanted to have again was his "Huevos Rancheros". (Click here for his last huevos rancheros)

I tried to make it on my own once but it didn't come out as I expected.

He offered to make a breakfast for us one day and asked us what we would like to eat. So of course, we told him that we want Huevos Rancheros!! We were waiting for this.

He never use recipes so even when he makes same things, the result will be a little bit different each time. This time, he made roasted tomato salsa. This salsa was so good. He just roasted tomato, red onion and jalapeno under a broiler and blend with lemon juice, cilantro, salt and pepper in a blender. Since we like it spicy, we added more jalapenos in the blender.

Heat up the corn tortilla, spread tomato salad, add fried eggs and cheese. Since I don't like beans too much, I had just a little bit of beans on the side but for everybody else, he add beans on top of corn tortilla. We also had hushed potatoes and avocado and vegetarian sausage on the side.

Since we were having so much fun, 1 week went by so fast. This is something I think about everything I see my good friends but I really wish they live close by. They used to live in Connecticut so we could visit each other every few months but now they are in South Africa so it is quite far away. Never the less, I am very thankful that they always make an effort to contact us via phone and visit us when they can. I know it is not easy to travel with a small child so I really really appreciate their effort. I guess, we have to go visit them next time!

Anyway, NY had another snow storm on Tuesday night but it was not as bad as I had expected. At least it was not as bad as last time. It is cold but sunny now. I hope it will get warmer and all the snow will melt. I can not wait for spring! I really don't like winter weather. Oh, I miss California. I just checked the temperature of the area I used to live in California. Their high is upper 50's and lower 60's F (about 14C~20C). It sounds like a paradise....

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