Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fat Witch Classic Chocolate Brownie at home

There is a brownie store called "Fat Witch" in this Chelsea Market and their brownie is my favorite. (If you would like to visit their website, click here BUT! there will be sound so BE AWARE!) They sell all different kind of brownies and they specialize brownie only.

The other day, I was at the library looking around the aisle of cooking books (my favorite aisle!) and found a cookbook from this Fat Witch! Immediately, I borrowed this book but never really had a chance to bake this brownie. The due date for this book was tomorrow so I decided to bake brownie yesterday. This is the book I borrowed from the library.

I made the dough and put it in the oven.

The book said that the recipe is for 9inch * 9inch baking pan but I didn't have it so I used the one a bit smaller than that. When I took our from the oven, my brownie was very thick. It was twice was thick as how it was supposed to be....

I cut a piece for myself while it is still warm. I love warm brownie! (My favorite is brownie sundae with warm brownie and whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and sliced almond. I know it is super rich and high in calorie but I love it. Of course I don't eat it too often. And today, I just had the brownie as is. ) This brownie is really thick.

My brownie came out different from Fat Witch brownie which I buy from there but the taste was really good! Mine was thicker and softer. It was more like soufflĂ©. I think I might have mixed egg and sugar too well. But I kind of like this airy brownie also!

My husband liked it also! Now, I can return the book to the library!

This book have all different kinds of brownie recipe but I like my brownie plain chocolate or maybe just a bit of walnuts in it.

It was raining yesterday and was cold so it was a perfect day to bake brownie at home. The sweet smell of brownie filled the house and it made me feel very happy and safe :-)


  1. I too like browsing for cookery books in library...The brownie luks so textured and yummy

  2. Looks yum...rain n browine...ummm