Thursday, January 27, 2011

Escape from the snowy NY

I made California roll and tuna mayonnaise roll but they looked really bad (tasted good though) so I didn't even take pictures. So I don't have any picture of food today.

I have made those sushi rolls many times in the past but it has never been this bad looking. I am not sure why. I started to eat all the ugly ones while I am rolling them so by the time I was done and ready to eat, I was already full :-)

Anyway, NY had lots of snow again. I think we had enough snow for this season already.

I don't like cold weather so I miss warm California winter. Anyway, I would love to live somewhere warm in the future.

So, on a cold day like this, I look at some of the photos from the trip I took in 2008 and escape from the cold winter reality :-)

One of my favorite place on earth which I visited is Maldives. I went there for the first time about 13 years ago with my friend. I fell in love with this beautiful islands and went back in 2008 with my husband.

Here are some of the pictures from the trip we took in 2008. Enjoy the nice weather.

When I first went there, I couldn't believe the color of nature. It was too beautiful to be true. It almost seemed fake because it was so beautiful. I grew up in Tokyo so I had never seen such an beautiful nature before. When I left the island after one week of stay, I couldn't help but crying. I don't really know why I cried but it definitely gave such an impression which I can never forget.

Well, it will be a while for us to feel spring in NY but I can not wait to feel that nice warm spring smell in the air.

Until spring is here, take care everyone and keep warm!!! And No more snow please!!

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  1. wow..i always heard my friends said it is beautiful there..
    NY still snow storming? dress warm and drive safe !