Friday, December 3, 2010

Pork Schnitzel & Mushroom Spaetzle

I made something from my husband home country. This is a dish I always have every time I go to Germany. The best Schnitzel is of course my husband's grandam's. I think normally people use veal for this dish but I was watching Tyler Florence on TV the other day and he was using pork so I used his recipe this time for Schnitzel and Spaetzle.

Here is Tyler Florence's recipe I used for pork Schnitzel. Click here to go to Food Network website.

Also, here is Tyler's mushroom mustard spaetzle recipe. Click here to go to Food Network website.

My Schnitzel was thinker than it should have been. I tried to pound them thinly but I guess it was not enough. While I was cooking, it started to curl up a little. I should pound more thinly next time. But it tasted good.

For Spaetzle, I used this special tool which I bought in Germany. Tyler was using pasta colander for spaetzle so I guess you don't need this special tool but I like this tool. There are small holes in the bottom so when you add dough and press it, the noodle comes out from the hole. When it hits the hot water in a pan, it will be cooked immediately.

The dough is pretty loose but sticky.

This is how it looks in the pot.

This is after I drain them.

This time, I followed Tyler's recipe and mixed these spaetzle with mushroom, mustard, thyme and heavy cream. It was really tasty.

The spaetzle was easier than I thought and my husband was so happy when he saw it so I think I will make this more often from now on. There is also a dish called "Cheese Spaetzle" and this dish can be eaten by itself. It normally has caramelized onion and cheese with Spaetzle. Maybe I will make that one next time.

I think I need to work more on Schnitzel still to make it perfect. However, I guess I will never be able to make Schnitzel like oma. I am looking forward to have oma's Schnitzel again sometime soon :-)

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  1. It looks delicious! I love schnitzel but have never made it with pork, must try it!