Monday, December 27, 2010

Fancy Lunch at Eleven Madison Park

Last week, my husband and I had some errands in Manhattan. Since we normally don't have a chance to go to Manhattan on the weekdays during the day, we decided to have a fancy lunch at one of the restaurant I wanted to go. The restaurant is called "Eleven Madison Park" which is right next to Madison Park.

The restaurant has lots of big windows so very bright and nice atmosphere. We really enjoyed this luxurious feeling.

Of course, the food was excellent also.

First, amuse. It was chicken soup and truffle oil crouton. This is not the regular chicken soup. It was creamy yet not too rich and tasted very delicate. Truffle crouton was great since we love truffle.

Then appetizer. I had scallop and my husband had white truffle.
The scallop dish was so colorful and beautiful. It really was like an art.

My husband white truffle dish was white truffle dish over torterillni. The chef came out from the kitchen with a glass container with white truffle in it and explained about this white truffle and shaved it right in front of us. It was super good. I love truffle.

Then we had this egg thing which is something like form inside with some green oil (sauce?) in the bottom. It was very fluffy and good. I don't know the name of this dish but the presentation was cute.

For main course, I had chicken and my husband had pork.
My chicken was very tender and good. I especially liked the crispy skin of the chicken. It also had a few black truffle slices.

My husband's pork was done in three ways (I think). I tried one of them. It was also very tender and good but I think I liked my chicken better.

Then sorbet. Look at this plate! Isn't it pretty? I had never seen a plate like this. I love it. The sorbet was bit too intense for me but I love the presentation.

For dessert, I had chocolate dessert. I was in a form of flexible chocolate ganache with some sorbet. I think it might have been persimmon sorbet. I am not sure. I also tasted some yuzu in one of the sauce.

My husband had coconut dessert. It was coconut sorbet with some tropical fruit. It was very refreshing and tasted great.

After our dessert, they also bought out some mini desserts. It was ice cream lollipop and thin almond brittle. Both of them were really good.

 In the beginning, we were worried that we might not be full from all these small portioned dishes (We were even joking that we might have to go to Shake Shack which is in the Madison Park to get hamburger after this) but by the time when we finish all the course, we were so full. It was a very satisfying lunch. We spent about two hours enjoying every single dish.

It was pretty pricey but this is something which is once a year experience. The time we spent at this restaurant was very luxurious and we thanked each other for everything we did and we got this year. Maybe we should do this every year! At the end of the year, we should pick one fancy restaurant and enjoy end of the year meal and appreciate everything for that year.

Anyway, I am very thankful for everything and my husband. We are very lucky to be able to have such a wonderful lunch in such a nice restaurant.


  1. MMM everything looks so good! It always looks like you won't get full at these types of restaurants but I AWLAYS end up STUFFED!

  2. oh wow. you're right, it's like eating art. everything looks so beautiful. I'm glad you and your husband had a great time. Happy holidays.

    PS. Truffle? YUM.

  3. Hi Eugenia,
    Yes, it looks like you don't get full but I was pleasantly surprised that I was quite satisfied after the meal :-)

  4. Hi MIchael,
    Isn't it? I love the presentation of their dishes. I wish I could do something like this. I am horrible with presentation. Anyway, Yes, Truffle was a bliss!!