Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Items from Germany

My husband had a business trip to Germany the other day and his parents gave us lots of Christmas sweets and decorations and gifts. 

First of all, I asked them to get this special Christmas cake called "Stollen". I didn't know about this cake before I met my husband and ever since then I crave this for Christmas. It has some candied fruit in it and very buttery and yummy. This is the one which my mother-in-law brought for us from this famous department store in Munich called "Dallmayer"

This is how it look opened. It is sliced already and it is a perfect size for me to have it after meal. You can actually find stollen here in the U.S. but I wanted to eat the real one from Germany :-) Thanks for buying these for me!

Also, this is another Christmas sweets which we crave. It is called "Domino". Actually, this is my husband's favorite. Inside, it has three layers of marzipan, some kind of jelly and ginger bread and coated with chocolate. Even though I am not a big fan of marzipan, I really like this domino. This is really sweet so I am fine with one one these at one time but my husband can have many at once. I asked him. "Isn't it really really sweet?" and he said "Yeah, it is perfect! I can eat them all at once if I want to." OK. but we should try to eat little by little so we can have them until Christmas :-) 

Another item is almond chocolate from Lindt. This one has cinnamon and cardamon flavor and in my opinion it is Christmas flavor. Normally, I don't care much for chocolate but this one is different. It is so good that I can not stop with just one. I have to eat three at once. It is a dangerous chocolate to have at home :-) 

And this one is marzipan sweet. I am not a big fan of marzipan so this will be all for my husband. My husband loves marzipan. These little balls of marzipan just looks like small potatoes. It looks really cute. 

Also, we got lots of Christmas decorations. My mother-in-law is great at decorating. Aren't these cute? Some cute socks with little gifts in it and also very Christmasy table runner. and heart shaped Christmas wreath. I love them! We didn't have much Christmas decoration at home so I am excited to hang these and make our house more Christmasy!

I think December 6 was Santa Clause day in Germany and Santa visit kids on Dec 6. I am not sure if he brings presents on this day or not but I think they open Christmas presents on Dec 24 normally. I feel like it is already Christmas here at my house! I found a 24 hour Christmas music channel on TV. I am so excited about this holiday season. We have lots of fun things planned and also will have many relaxing days with Christmas music and bake some cookies! I never really thought much about Christmas before but this year for some reason, thinking of Christmas season make me very happy and warm :-) 

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