Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Dinner (Shrimp Pasta with Garlic Sauce) and Blizzard in NY

This year's Christmas was very quiet and  relaxed Christmas with just my husband.

On Christmas Eve, we Skyped with my husband's parents and we opened the presents together. It was really nice and fun! On a day after Christmas, we Skyped with my parents and also had a nice time. It is great to have this kind of technology for the people like us who live away from family. They are away but it feels like they are just there right in front of you.

Anyway, for Christmas Eve dinner, we made shrimp pasta with garlic sauce. This is something my husband's family eats on Christmas Eve every year so we decided to follow the tradition and eat this dish on this day.

This is a super easy dish. Garlic sauce is something my husband make quite often. You just mix sour cream and crushed garlic with chopped chives and salt and pepper. (We didn't have chives so we omit chives this time)

I just sauteed some shrimp in butter with salt and pepper.

Then, add a dollop of garlic sauce on top of cooked pasta, then add sauteed shrimp. We sprinkled with some chopped parsley for color.

For dessert, I just heated up Apple Blossom which I bought from Trader Joe's in the oven and add some ice cream and sliced apple. This is really good also. If you have Trader Joe's near you, I would recommend this product. It is in the freezer section.

This year's Christmas was very very relaxed and I felt very peace. We played Christmas music all day and enjoyed each other's company. Well, we have been playing Christmas music this year since Thanksgiving so I feel like I had long Christmas this year. I really appreciate that we were able to spend great happy Christmas this year again!

However, we had a big blizzard on a day after Christmas. We had lots of snow in just one day. On Monday morning when we try to open the front door, this was what we found.

Since we didn't have the outside door right now, we were able to open our door without much problem but our neighbor told us that they couldn't open the outside door which opens towards outside so they had to call their son who live near by to come over and shovel the snow from outside to open the door.

We had so much snow everywhere in NY and NJ area. It seems like plow couldn't catch up with this amount of snow plus it was very windy so I think that made it difficult to plow and clean the street and stuff. Luckily, our street was plowed on Tuesday morning. (Well, since we park our car on the street, we first had to shove our car out of the snow. This was lots of work. Thanks to my husband for the hard work!)

Lots of people couldn't get to work on Monday or even Tuesday. We didn't have to go anywhere on Monday or Tuesday so we were lucky to be able to stay home on these crazy mess. I have to think about nature's power again. It is amazing what nature can do in one day.

Anyway, I was born and grew up in Tokyo and after that lived in California for about 9 years so I am not used to having this much of snow. I heard that it will warm up now for New Year's eve and New Years day so hopefully all these snow will melt soon.

It realized that it is much more difficult to live in a area where it snows a lot. I appreciate all the people who worked really hard during this blizzard to make street and public transportation functional. I think I had enough snow for this season already.

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