Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Every year, when Christmas get closer, my husband and I make cookies together. I think this is a pretty common thing to do in Germany. My husband told me that he made cookie with his mom every year when he was little and it remain as a great memory for him.

So ever since we are together, we started bake cookies together before Christmas. This has been a great project for us every year.

One of the cookie we always make is almond cookie which my husband made every year with his mom. We got the recipe from his mom and we bake this every year. I love this cookie so much. It has almond powder in it and taste so good!

We make dough and roll it into sticks and keep in the fridge for about 30mins.
Then, cut them into pieces.

Put them in the oven sheet and add almond on top for each cookie.

Then, bake it for 13mins or so.

This year, we decided to make one more kind of cookie from the book I borrowed. This is the book I borrowed from library.

There are so many different kind of cookies in this book but I wanted to try cranberry shortbread cookie since I love shortbread cookie.

This is how it looked before baking.

This is after baking.

I was supposed to take this out and use heart shaped cookie cutter to make hearts but when I tried to take it out from the pan, it kind of all crumbled so I decided to eat them just like that. I kind of cut them into smaller pieces and stored in a air tight container. It is so crumbly and taste delicious!

We baked lots of cookies so we can enjoy them everyday until Christmas. Maybe even after Christmas!

This cookie baking with my husband is one of my favorite things to do every year. I am already excited about spending holiday with him and the warm nice house and delicious smell of cookies make me even happier. I think it is quite tedious work to bake cookie by yourself but when I bake it with my husband it make it much more fun and easy! We will definitely continue this tradition ever year for the many years to come! I highly recommend baking cookies with your families and friends. It bring you lots of joy and happiness.

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