Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Party at friend's apartment in Manhattan with Argentinean Dinner

The other day, a friend of my husband who lives in Manhattan had a birthday party and he and his wife invited us for the birthday party at their place.

They live in an apartment in Manhattan and this was our first time visiting their apartment. Their apartment was right by the Hudson River and the view was spectacular.

Isn't it awesome to have this view from your own apartment everyday?

His wife is from Argentine so she made some Argentinean dinner for the party.  I don't know the name of dishes she made but all of them were so good!

First, we had creamy chicken pie. It has creamy chicken with green peas in a flaky dough. It is creamy but not too rich so you can eat them a lot. It was really good.

And we also had meat and potato pie. It had some cinnamon on top and it was great combination. I loved cinnamon and ground beef together.

I was not too familiar with Argentinean dishes and when I think of Argentinean dishes, I always thought about grilled beef so it was great to get to know all these delicious new dishes! I would love to know more about Argentinean dishes. I think I will research more. Since now I have an Argentinean friend, if there is any question about Argentinean dishes, I can just ask her!

There were some other friends of theirs at the party and it was first time for us to meet them but everyone was so nice and easy to talk to so we really had a great time together.

oh, we also had dessert of course but I forgot to take photos. It was chocolate pudding cake and cheese cake. Both of them were really good. We ate so much!

And they showed us this funny cup they have. I had never seen anything like this. Isn't this wild? It is so funny!

Anyhow, we had a great evening and I hope that we will see all of them again sometime soon!

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  1. Mmm potato pie sounds/looks amazing! Also, those cups are too funny! How do you use them?! LOL, do you hold the stem or the handle?!