Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tri-color bowl

I made tri-color bowl with ground chicken, snap peas and eggs. This is another popular dish in Japan. I cooked ground chicken with onion, carrots and shiitake mushroom and flavored with soy sauce and sugar.

I just cooked all those three ingredients and put on top of rice. I love how it looks.

It is super easy and taste great. My husband liked this also. If you don't like ground chicken, you can change it to beef or pork. Also, you can change snap peas for something else such as spinach or edamame.

I made lots of ground chicken with vegetables. I wonder how I can use this in my next meal :-)


  1. Hi,

    The tri colour bowl looks inviting...:)


  2. Thats a droolworthy bowl, feel like finishing rite now..

  3. Mmmm, very delicious Mausi. My daughter says she would love to eat a bowl of that right now.