Monday, November 1, 2010

Mushroom Pasta and my favorite cookie "Biscoff"!

This is something I always make when I buy lots of different kind of mushroom from Japanese supermarket. I used so much mushrooms here but since it kind of shrink when cooked, it does not look like that much of mushroom. I flavor it with garlic, butter and soy sauce and little bit of sake and red chili flakes. I love this pasta.

I like adding Shiso (Japanese basil) on top. This is a quite popular pasta dish in Japan and you can find them in a restaurant. The one I make taste little bit different from the restaurant but it is always really good!

Also, I had oven baked Japanese sweet potato for snack. Japanese sweet potato is super sweet and I just wrap in a foil and bake it in the oven. You don't really need to add anything because it is already sweet as its own and very tasty. Great snack!

By the way, I found my favorite cookie at me local supermarket the other day. I was so excited since I normally never find this cookies. It is called "Biscoff" and I think it is originally from Belgium. I had this cookie for the first time when I was traveling during the flight some years ago. Ever since then, I dream about this cookie and one time I had to order online since I couldn't find it anywhere.

Now, I found it in my local supermarket and I am so happy. I hope they will keep carrying this because they are so good! If you see this somewhere, please try it. I highly recommend this cookie. I like eating this with a cup of rooibos tea :-) It is getting chilly here in NY so it is a perfect time for a hot cup of tea and a few biscoff :-)

If you can not find in your local supermarket, you can always purchase online.

Here is the link to Amazon marketplace.

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