Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Manhattan Dinner @ Stanton Social

On Friday night, my husband and I had a nice dinner in Manahttan at this restaurant called "Stanton Social". I have been wanted to go to this place for a while and finally we got to go there.

This restaurant has very nice decor and they have many small plates and you order different kinds of dishes and share. I love tapas style place so I can try many different things.

We ordered "French Onion Soup Dumpling", "Lamb Sovlaki", "Pork Arepas" and "Kobe Beef Burger".

First, we had amuse which was something like sweet potato bruschetta.

And then, "French Onion Soup Dumpling" came. This was cheesy and really good!

After that, all of our dishes came together and I was so excited and I forget to take photos... (I know, I don't qualify for food blogger for this......)

We liked the restaurant, I would love to come here again and try other dishes :-)

After that, we went to Karaoke! I sang Japanese songs and my husband were singing English songs. I love singing in Karaoke sometimes. It is so much fun. Plus, karaoke place we normally go is a private room so I don't have to worry about how bad I am :-)

Then after that, we went to this dessert place called "Chikalicious". I heard about this place a lot since the baker is a Japanese person. They have two stores across from each other. One is more fancy and the other one is more casual. We went to the casual one. I had Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream and my husband had a red velvet cup cake.

Both of them were so good but the cup cake was so airy and delicious! It is very small but I actually think it is a perfect size. I would definitely come back here again and try other cup cakes also! They also had some regular cakes such as strawberry shortcakes. I would love to try that also. Well, next time.

I love going to a new restaurant in Manhattan. It is so much fun! We had a great evening.

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