Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Beans Casserole, Chicken and books

When I think about winter food, I think about casserole. I think many people make casserole for Thanksgiving and Christmas when you have people over for dinner or lunch. When I think about casserole, I think about warm family gathering with laughter. It is a happy dish for me.

Many people use Campbell's cream of mushroom soup to make green bean casserole. I think it is a great idea but this time I tried to make my own. It was not as difficult as I thought. I just used a recipe on Food Network. Click here for the green bean casserole recipe from Food Network website. 

Well, the recipe asked to make your own fried onion but I cheated on this one and bought canned fried onion from Trader Joe's.

I sauteed mushroom and onion and add flour and milk then pour them over the frozen green beans.

Then, sprinkle with fried green onion and put them in the oven, That's It!

I also made chicken with a simple marinade and baked in the oven. Easy dinner with lots of flavors.

We had them with some rice. (Well, I am Japanese. I need rice)

This kind of food are very comforting. We eat these hot casserole with smiles on our faces. I felt so happy to have wonderful dinner with my husband in a warm safe house. We are so lucky.

I went to the library again to borrow some books. One of them is the cookie book from Martha Stewart.
I think everybody feels like baking cookies when it get closer to Christmas. It is a great project to do with my husband. I love making Christmas cookies with my husband. He is also excited about it.
Anyway, this book has so many variety of cookies with wonderful photos. All of them looks great and you just want to bake all of them. I think this is a great book to have especially when you love cookies.

The next book is Indian/Pakistani cooking book. Ever since I had Pakistani food at the restaurant few week ago and also homemade Indian food at my friend's place. I have been wanting to make Pakistani or Indian dish at home. Many of dishes from this book seems easy enough for me to make so I would love to give it a try one of these days.

This book is not a cook book but I was interesting in so I borrowed it. It is about a woman who died from cancer in 1950's and her cell was removed and used for research. Since then, her cells helped to find cures for so many diseases. This book is about the woman and her family and their struggle. I didn't know anything about this story and it is very interesting story.

It is nice and warm today in NY. It makes me happy to feel nice warm air. I hope the Thanksgiving day will be nice like this also! Speaking of thanksgiving, I think I should start preparing for Thanksgiving. I am so excited about it!


  1. nice and comforting food! we can look forward to new recipes now that u have so many new cookbooks?!

  2. That casserole looks and sounds delish Mausi. It sounds quick, easy, and perfect for the holiday.
    Happy holiday to you!

  3. Such a fabulous looking casserole..yummy..

  4. Great looking casserole Mausi that I bet tasted so much better than made from a can! Great book selection as well, I own the Martha Stewart Cookie book and it's one of my most utilized!