Monday, November 29, 2010

Beef Bowl & My Husband's Torterilli

I made beef bowl using thin sliced beef which I bought a few weeks ago from a Japanese supermarket and froze. This is very popular dish in Japan and super easy to make.

I boiled some water, add soy sauce, sugar, grated ginger and added sliced beef and onion then cooked for about 20 mins or so with the lids closed. Then, pour it over the rice and add pickled ginger on top at the end. That's it. It is very tasty and wonderful.

We have a beef bowl fast food chain in Japan called "Yoshino-ya". They serve this beef bowl in fast food style. Actually, there is one in Manhattan also.

Anyway, my husband loved it also. It makes me feel little bit guilty because it is so easy but I get so much compliment from my husband. Well, I guess it is great!

A few weeks ago, I got a cold and stayed in bed for a day. My husband took a great care of me and he made torterilli for us.

It is torterilli with tomato and basil in butter sauce.

This was also really good. I don't know how exactly he made this since I was in bed but he even took some pictures for my blog. What a wonderful husband I have :-)

Torterilli is store bought and had cheese and garlic inside. The sauce had tomato, basil and green onion. He said he add butter to it.

When someone makes food for you, I think it taste much better than you make it for yourself. I am very fortunate to have someone who cook for me with lots of love when I can not cook.

Since my husband took great care of me, my cold is gone and I feel great now. I was very careful not to get cold but it is getting cold here and I have to pay extra caution such as washing my hands when I come home and stuff like that. I hope you guys won't get cold this winter wherever you are!

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