Thursday, October 14, 2010

Torterilli Curry Cream Sauce

Last week, my husband's relatives came to visit us so we went to many places and had lots of fun. I am very glad that we were able to spend some time together!

Anyway, this is something I made before last week. This is another lazy dish because I bought fresh torterilli from the store. I just had to boil them and made sauce for it.

Sometimes I boy Torterilli from Buitoni. Their sausage Torterilli is pretty good. Since it is not too cheap, I normally buy them when they are on sale. I had this in my fridge so decided to make it with creamy curry sauce.

This creamy curry sauce is something my husband make all the time with chicken and rice. I love this dish and I thought this sauce should go well with this Torterilli also.

I was right. This was a perfect combination!

This creamy curry sauce must be popular in Europe since one of my French friend made this sauce with chicken and egg noodle once also. I love this sauce. I think this is a great easy sauce.

I just add heavy cream in a frying pan and add curry powder and salt and pepper. Then, boil them and mix. At the end, I add some lemon juice. I think adding lemon juice make it taste much better somehow.

I think this sauce will be great for some pasta with bacon. I should try it sometimes.

Anyway, for side dish, I made broccoli. This is also a lazy dish since I just cut and wash broccoli and mix with salt, pepper and olive oil then microwave for 5 mins or so until tender, then add some cheese and microwave until cheese melt. That's it. To my surprise, my husband loved this broccoli dish :-)

By the way, I went to William's Sonoma (my favorite Kitchen store) Outlet the other day and bought these books. It was 50% off from the original price and I also had 10% off coupon so ended up 60% off.
What I like about these books is that every single recipe has pictures next to it.

When I when to the cashier to pay for this, the store clerk told me that she also has this book and she loves it. I am so excited that I got these beautiful book for such a great deal. I can not wait to cook something from this book.

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  1. Slurp, mouthwatering and creamy torterilli..