Friday, October 1, 2010

Taco Night

Thank you all for wonderful comments on my previous German potato salad. It is really great. Please try it sometimes. When I perfect the measurement, I will post it again for details. Until then, we just have to keep on trying!

Anyhow, we had lazy taco night the other day. I used one of those taco kit which you can find in any supermarket in the U.S.

This is super easy and fun to eat. I am sure lots of kids love this kind of make your own meal.

I know it taste better when you make things from scratch but when you don't have much time and energy, this is a perfect lazy meal for us!

This time, I used ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and cilantro. There are seasoning package and sauce package in the kit.

I also made cilantro lime rice which is also packaged kit I bought from Target.

The taco kit include hard and soft tacos.

We made our own tacos as we like.

This is tacos which my husband made.

And this is what I assembled.

Actually, my husband tacos looks better than mine. I think you can see our personality in these tacos. He is more more precise and perfect and I am more messy :-)

Each of us ate four tacos and we were absolutely full. This is easy meal which we like to eat sometimes. For some reasons, assembling those tacos together make it much more fun than any regular meal.

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