Friday, October 29, 2010

Pork Miso Soup & Hijiki

I made Japanese dishes again with the ingredients I got from Mitsuwa. This miso soup is one of my favorite kind of miso soup. It had pork and lots of different kind of vegetables. It is very popular dish in Japan. Even though we call this "pork soup", I only add small amount of pork to flavor it and used lots of vegetables.

I like eating this soup with rice. This is very satisfying soup and a meal itself. And it is healthy!!

Also, I made another healthy dish with dried seaweed called "hijiki". It has lots of iron in it. Since I feel dizzy sometimes lately, I thought maybe I am lacking some iron so I decided to make this dish.

This is another traditional popular side dish in Japan. I eat this just as side dish but you can also mix with rice or mix with pasta or something like that.

It is dark and I know it does not look too appealing but my husband liked it also. I flavored them with soy sauce, sake, sugar.

I was not interested in those traditional Japanese food too much when I was younger and living in japan but as I get older, I really miss those dishes. I didn't imagine that I would be making these dishes and enjoying very much.

By the way, did you realize that my photos are bit different today? Our camera's shutter button has been broken for a while and we were still using it but the other day it finally broke off so we decided to but a new camera.

This time, we bought something bit more fancy. Initially, we wanted to buy SLR camera but we found out that Sony released this new compact digital camera which quality is as good as SLR camera. Since normal SLR camera is pretty big and kind of difficult to carry around all the time, we decided to but this new kind of compact digital camera.

It has lots of cool features and I am still learning how to use all these features but it is a cool camera and I like it a lot. It has a panorama feature which you press the shutter and move the camera from left to right. The camera takes series of pictures and put them together at the end and make it panorama photo. I was pretty amazed with this feature.

Anyway, I still need to figure out how to use this camera. I hope I will be able to take wonderful photos with this new camera of ours!