Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Mitsuwa" Japanese Supermarket in NJ

Last weekend, my husband and I went to "Mitsuwa" which is a big Japanese supermarket in NJ. We come here once in every few months. I love coming to this supermarket. It is just like the ones in Japan. We normally have a long shopping list when we go there.

Every time we go there, we have lunch at their food court. Our favorite is Ramen noodle from Santouka.

I had "toroniku miso ramen"which comes with separate toppings like this.

This is the miso ramen.

My husband had shio ramen. He said that it was so good and he ate it too fast so he kind of burned his tongue.

I love Japanese ramen noodle and this is a chain ramen noodle store from Japan so it was just like eating ramen noodle in Japan.

After we had good lunch, we did grocery shopping. I was able to buy all sorts of vegetables such as gobo, daikon, lotus roots, etc which I can not find normally in my local supermarket.

I also bought some very thinly sliced meat and two different kind of fish. I will freeze these and use them  later.

For dinner, I used one of the meat which I purchased from Mitsuwa. It was already marinated and I just had to saute in a frying pan. We had this with side dish of snap peas and bean sprout.

We had great food and enjoyed our weekend!


  1. I love Mitsuwa. It is so nice to have everything in one location unlike Sunrise . The food court is also great.

  2. Thank you Christoff for your comment! Yes, Mitsuwa is a lot bigger than Sunrise and have everything! The best part is Ramen noodle at the food court!!! When I go to Mitsuwa, I feel like I am in Japan :-)