Monday, October 18, 2010

Garlic Bread

 I was watching Food Network the other day and Neelys were making garlic bread on their show. It looked really good and suddenly I had to make those garlic bread.

It is very easy to make. Click here for the recipe from Food Network website.

I was supposed to use Italian bread but I used Baguette instead. Also, I didn't have basil so I only used parsley.

Spread garlic butter parsley mixture on bread.

Wrap with foil and into the oven.

Then, take the foil out and sprinkle cheese then put in the oven till the cheese melt.

It is cheesy and garlicky and really good. My husband love bread so he loved this garlic bread. It is really easy to make so I recommend you to give it a try!

By the way, on the weekend my husband and I went to see a contemporary ballet show called "Swan Lake" at NY City Center. This is a modern interpretation of the classic "Swan Lake".

All the swans were male and it was very fun and interesting. We really liked this. It seems like they are originally from U.K. and they will have the show in NY till Nov 7. If you are interested, I think tickets are still available :-)


  1. wow what a delicious garlic bread ...i love it


  2. love garlic bread. the ones you made look so delicious. :)
    Have a great day.