Friday, October 15, 2010

Cute Visitor form the City

Last weekend, one of my friend who lives in Manhattan came to visit me with her cute dog. It was such a sunny nice day and we spent great time walking by the water and talking. The above is her puppy and she is very quiet and well behaved. Her face is so cute that I think it will be difficult for me give him scolding when he did something wrong.

This is when my husband is playing pulling game with him. He normally does not bark at all but when he plays this game he gets quite excited and growl. It is so cute that he comes back with this rubber ball and push it to us asking to play more.

I made Lasagna for lunch. This is my mother-in-law's recipe and normally my husband make this Lasagna but this time I tried to make it myself. It came out really good and I was very proud. My friend loved it also. I think this is a great dish to make when we have some guests.

My friend brought a cake from one of my favorite bakery in Manhattan. The bakery is called Financier and their cake is really good.

She got this beautiful fruit cheese cake. It was so rich and wonderful. We loved it.

I had not seen her for a quite some time so it was great that she came over all the way and we were able to spend time together. We talked and laughed a lot and had a great great time. I hope she will come visit again sometimes!

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